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Wright Building Services were contracted to design and construct a raised pit for Witham Hill Gymnastics Club in Lincoln. The pit was quite unique in the fact it housed a competition sized trampoline, a set of parallel bars and a set of high bars all dismounting into the covered foam pit area.

The customer, Witham Hill Gymnastics Club requested that the trampoline is to sit flush with the top of the covered pit and “Jersey Cover” so it meant raising the floor inside the pit area to allow for this. The 620mm pit foam height needed raising 180mm so a raised floor was constructed at 180mm high giving a finished height of 800mm from floor level. This allowed the 200mm pit foam top and “Jersey Cover” to sit flush with the 1000mm high trampoline. This resulted in a 1000mm high raised podium around the trampoline area and an 800mm high raised podium around the pit area.

Wright Building Services utilised their “tried and tested” pit design to accommodate the equipment and constructed another safe and solid raised podium. The design and construction combines current building techniques and regulations to ensure peace of mind for both us and the customer.

The parallel bars and high bars were installed utilising ground anchors and short tension wires and the trampoline was installed with its foam covers sitting over the trampoline and raised podium offering aesthetically pleasing results and safety for the users.

The project took just over 2 weeks to construct and install and was designed around the existing eternal wall support piers and without compromising any safety issues of the building. A set of current regulation steps were “built-in” to the trampoline podium to save space and a “free-standing” set were placed to gain access to the high bars.

Gymnastics Facility Construction Experts of the Year 2017

Following our continuing success and attention to detail, we have been awarded the "Gymnastics Facility Construction Experts of the Year 2017", "Best Building Project Consultancy Services 2017 & 2018", “Best Gymnastics Equipment & Construction Company 2018”