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Wright Building Services were contracted to design and construct a raised podium for Leeds Trampolining Club located in Leeds. The City of Leeds Trampolining Club (in association with Leeds Rebound Gymnastics Club) were looking for their own premises having been located in several leisure centres in and around the Leeds area.

Once suitable premises had been found Wright Building Services conducted a site visit to discuss the requirements and to provide a set of CAD drawings taking into consideration the safety aspects and requirements of the club. It was agreed that a 1200mm high raised podium would be ideal due to the height of the building, height of the trampolines, loose foam landing areas and other recessed equipment. We had several designs/layouts to offer and with on-going discussions between ourselves and the customer we produced a design that was still safe and within the parameters/guidelines and also fitted within the facility and the rest of the floor equipment.

Our “tried and tested” structural raised timber pit/podium design was utilised on this project to ensure the safety of the users and a lifetime of usage. All the timber was treated to guarantee its lifespan and the structural calculations were implemented to ensure a safe raised podium was constructed. The raised podium framework was then manufactured at our premises, which took just over a week using our specialised framework “jigs”. All the staircases, recessed equipment walls etc. were also manufactured at our premises thus reducing the time spent on site.

Timescales were tight on this project as the customer had specified an opening date which we needed to adhere to. Once the manufacturing had been completed, we arranged for the transportation of the framework, staircases, handrails etc. to the club’s premises in preparation of the agreed start date. Wright Building Services started the installation and in just over 2 weeks completed the installation including the handrails and carpeting. We then helped the customer install the equipment and the raised podium really started to take shape.

We were asked by the customer to supply the foam cladding of the exterior podium walsl, interior pit walls and steel stanchions. We contacted Tracks 2000 who could offer a variety of styles and colours and worked with them in order to provide the customer with a perfectly finished raised podium.

The 1200mm high raised podium incorporates a recessed tumble track, fast track and DMT track (all with run-ups) all of which sit flush with the floor of the raised podium and enter the main loose foam pit area. Four full size trampolines were also fitted into the podium between the fast track and the DMT track. These trampolines were 1200mm high so they sat on the original floor and also sat level with the top of the raised podium. An area for a set of A-bars was incorporated with its own a full-size dismount loose foam pit.

All the walkways around the equipment were taken into consideration to allow members to pass safely and freely. The roller shutter doors at the rear of the unit are still operational to allow further equipment and materials into the facility but also to allow under podium storage, something which can be very useful. Whilst we were busy installing the raised podium, the club had been fitting out the reception and toilet areas and cafeteria. Once we had completed our installation the floor equipment was installed, all of which fitted perfectly and the club was ready in advance for its opening day.

Between ourselves and Leeds Trampolining Club, we designed a purposeful raised pit podium to accommodate not only the equipment the club requested but also to take into account certain safety issues the project required.

Gymnastics Facility Construction Experts of the Year 2017

Following our continuing success and attention to detail, we have been awarded the "Gymnastics Facility Construction Experts of the Year 2017", "Best Building Project Consultancy Services 2017 & 2018", “Best Gymnastics Equipment & Construction Company 2018”